10 Must have money saving apps for the iPad

There used to be a time when, if you bought Apple’s most recent piece of design technology, you were considered a bit of a geek. No longer - the iPad has taken the world by storm and everyone seems to be getting their paws on the must-have accessory. One of the first things a new Apple-device owner will want to do is load up on apps, but with nearly quarter of a million in the official store, it’s not easy knowing where to start

NMTBP has separated the wheat from the chaff to bring you ten of the very best money related apps for the iPad, forming a great mix of budgeting tools, bill tools and money-saving utilities… if you’ve just paid full retail price for an iPad, chances are you could do with a money-saving app or two!

To download any of these apps, go the Apple App Store on iTunes or direct through your iPad

1. Account Tracker

There are very few apps in the iTunes store that have received five star reviews from every single customer, but the current version of Account Tracker is one of them. It’s a flawless budgeting tool which has a number of strings to its bow - expense management, account tracking and much more. It’s very reassuring to be able to survey your entire money situation at a glance, and there’s very little you can’t customise. It has all the features you’d expect from a great budgeting app, but it’s the neat little touches that have earned this app 100% positive reviews (things such as alerts if an account is likely to go overdrawn.) It will be the best £1.99 you ever spend

2. VoucherCloud

VoucherCloud is an addictive iPad and iPhone app which aims to find you great deals wherever you are. It uses GPS to identify which restaurants and shops near you have the best deals and sends the vouchers instantly. You’ll love its ease of use and the wide range of deals to choose from. From Pizza Express to Dorothy Perkins, there’s something for everyone

And it’s free!

3. PocketMoney

If you want a personal financial manager which not only looks great but takes next to no effort to run, you could do much worse than PocketMoney. Amongst its neatest features is the ‘budget bar’ panel, which shows a customizable visualisation of your outgoing by category; at a glance, you can see exactly where your money is going each month and quickly identify areas for savings. On that note, PocketMoney is also good at presenting the ‘bigger picture’ - all  your savings accounts, investments and transactions are laid out in a concise manner. You can arrange your outgoings according to category, see all your savings and accounts on a single screen and set up notifications to warn you if you’re close to being over budget. You’ll love the app’s many features and it’s a doddle to use

It costs £2.99  but ther’s a lite version to try free if you’re still not convinced

4. RedLaser

RedLaser is a cool iPhone and iPad app which turns your device into a mobile barcode scanner, letting you find the best deals wherever you are. Scan any product and the app will find you where you get it cheapest online. You’ll love the great deals it finds but be warned, the app is incredibly addictive (though that does make it fun to use!)

Plus - it’s free!

5. Fuel School

Fuel School is an iPhone/iPad app which every motorist needs to download. It claims to save motorists up to 10% on their fuel bills by helping them to drive more efficiently. It uses the GPS in your device to identify your driving style and calculate your fuel efficiency. Tips are provided on how to get the most miles from every tank. The AA recently said that driving at 70mph uses 9% more fuel than at 60mph, and up to 15% more than at 50mph. We think you will love how simple the app is to navigate and the tips are incredibly useful. It costs £0.69p

6. Meter Readings

You know that monitoring your energy bills can save you loads, but doing it is a real pain in teh backside. Meter Readings is an iPad and iPhone app which aims to change that. Simply enter all the info you have from paper bills, then enter meter readings to find out exactly how much energy you’ve used and what the bill will be. Even better, you can even compare energy supplier prices from within the app to make sure you’re not paying over the odds. At just £1.69, this is a steal.

Graphs showing energy usage (for gas, water and electricity can be generated in an instant - it’s interesting to see, for instance, how much you’ve used over the course of any given year. While the initial set-up can take a bit of time, it’s effortless from there on. The concept is great and the execution is flawless. At just £0.69p, this is a steal

7. PayPal

It’s not an iPad exclusive, but it is fully compatible and an absolute must-have for any eBay addict or people who regularly pay funds to overseas freelancers. Plenty of people hate the whole PayPal system, but very few would be able to argue that the official app isn’t a stroke of genius - with it, it’s easier than ever to get funds where they need to go. Compared to the web counterpart, use this every time to complete transactions with just a few clicks, and if you find a more secure method of paying this efficiently please let NMTBP know about!

Paypal is free

8. HomeBudget with Sync

HomeBudget is designed to help the whole family keep track of their expenses and manage their daily, weekly or monthly budget. One good feature of this app is that it syncs across iPad, Mac, iPhone and other iOS touchscreen devices so that each member of the family will know their financial status. The application has the capability to create/ edit and delete current and recurring expenses. You can browse through your expenses by date, month, category and more. The application affords the same thing with billing  and current accounts. It can present a report of your income, expenses and budget for the last 6 months. Probably the coolest feature is the ability to sync it with any other device in the house, so your partner can see all the same numbers as they get updated by either party

A snip at £2.99

9. Expensify

Getting your expenses done has never been so easy – Expensify allows you to take a snap and turn your receipts digital, compile a report and email the PDF to your boss. You can also upload business cards and track purchases. And it’s all free

10. Bill Assistant

Avoid late-payment charges on your bills with Bill Assistant. Add in your details and it alerts you when bills need paying, tells you how much you owe and keeps a record of your past payment history. All for £0.69

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