Magnificent 7……diet trends for 2014

Did you overindulge over the festive season? Of course you did! Searching for ways to lose those excess pounds (and more)? Of course you are! NMTBP to the rescue with the hottest diet trends for 2014. Please note that we don’t necessarily endorse all of these!

New big superfood: Kale

Popular with celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Beyonce, super foods like kale will become very popular in 2014. Containing vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A as well as lots of yummy antioxidants. Kale also contains plenty of fibre which means its has plenty of value in reducing the risk of heart disease and lowering cholesterol. Eat kale raw as part of a salad or steam it to eat with potatoes and chicken

Chia Seeds

A healthy source of omega 3 fats and fibre, Chia seeds are another super food set to take the health and fitness world by storm. Chia is thought to be a natural treatment for type 2 diabetes due to it’s abilities to help balance insulin. Packed with protein, a snack on some chia seeds can help you feel fuller for longer and combat any sugar cravings

High Protein Snacks

Put away your cereal bars and grapes, high protein snacks are the way to go in 2014. Pack some yogurt and almonds or turkey and cheese as a snack to have at your desk. Not only will it kill your hunger pangs, but it will also help keep your cravings at bay for longer

The Sugar Detox

Unless you’re living in a cave, you can’t fail to have noticed ‘the evils of sugar’ being splashed all over the papers in the early days of the eyar. Nutritionist Brooke Alpert says that sugar ‘is making us fat and sick, and is prematurely ageing our skin.’ The anti-sugar lobby cite sugar as more addictive than caffeine and cigarettes, and through the sugar detox promise that you can kick the habit once and for all and lose a few pounds at the same time. Even healthy items such as fruit are off limits in this detox plan, but they guarantee that you will feel much healthier with heaps more energy following the plan. Our feeling is that just avoiding processed foods will do the trick!

Vegan diet challenge

Beyonce and Jay Z have been public about following the 22-day vegan challenge. The diet basically involves restricting your intake of all animal products. With meat and dairy off the menu, the challenge lies in making sure your body gets all the important nutrients usually found in animal products. Protein can be found in soy and vegetables, so followers need to make sure they eat plenty of the green stuff. Amazingly, alcohol and chocolate are still on the menu as long as you steer away from milk based treats!


2013 saw the rise of the 5:2 diet which involves periods of regular (but healthy) eating followed by periods of fasting. Hot on its heels for 2014 comes the 4:3 diet. At minimum it’s recommended to fast once a day every fortnight in order to lose weight and keep the metabolism in check. Make sure you drink plenty of water and freshly squeezed fruit juices with honey on fast days

Egg Yolks

We have been told for years that egg yolks are best to be avoided, with egg white based meals considered as healthy options. Now we’re being told that egg yolks do have some healthy properties. Egg yolks are a rich source of B-complex vitamin choline that helps neurological function and is said to make us happier. They also contain sulfur, which helps with the production of collagen and keratin, which helps give you nice shiny hair, healthy nails and glowing skin

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