What is a Blog?

A blog (also called a weblog or web log) is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to a daily journal). Blogs typically include features such as comments (a section typically immediately following the post where readers can provide their reactions to the content of the post) and links to other websites to increase user interactivity

Since its early days in the late 1990s, blogging has become an internet phenomenon, with over 100 million blogs out there and more entering the blogosphere each day. There are blogs on every subject under the sun, from aardvarks (honest!) to zulus. Bloggers range from the great and the good to your next door neighbour. You can blog as much or as little as you want and say (almost) anything you want

The great attraction is that you are in control and can write without deadlines, expectations and pressure. Blogging is a great way of venting about your day, of commenting on what’s going on in the world, of sharing your experiences, of imparting knowledge on something you’re passionate about (aardvarks?) or just for sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. You can blog anonymously or you can be as bold as brass and let the whole world know who you are