The next big thing in fitness just might be a dance exercise class called Bokwa. It even has people with no dance experience doing some pretty fancy footwork. Good music, good moves, and good times- that’s what many are saying about this class, invented by fitness instructor Paul Mavi, that manages to combine cardio, endurance, strength and flexibility all in one

Mavi used his South African roots to devise the dance fitness workout program that shows promise in improving the quality of life for kids, young and old alike

“The magic of it all is something called click-click. Click-click is a two-step that you do that actually changes in the next step or move forward. It allows you to know where you’re going. It’s working well,” said Mavi

Bokwa is a hybrid class so it has a hybrid name Bo, which is short for boxing and kwa, which stands for the African culture dance Kwaito

It is an intense cardiovascular workout combining the  Kwaito, the South African dance music of the townships, Capoeira from Brazil, Kickboxing and Steps. It has been proven to burn a great amount of calories making it easier to achieve weight loss goals. Through the use of fast paced extreme movement, a fun, challenging, and energizing total body workout was created

For those who feel as though they have two left feet, know this: Mavi’s steps are designed using letters and numbers. He then calls out the letter or even a word to spell with your feet

The end result is hundreds of different steps or words to dance so you can always keep your workouts exciting and fresh

It’s not easy to find Bokwa classes at present and as yet there’s no centralised class finder. Your best bet is to ask around at your local gym or fitness class and keep looking here for up to date information on this challenging, yet fun, form of exercise

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  1. marybethpaterson

    November 18, 2011

    This looks fun. I haven’t seen this in US, but RUMBA is popular. I like the idea of dance steps using letters and numbers for the dance challenged!

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November 18, 2011

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