The ultimate in ultra-luxury travel

Most of us only get to dip a toe into the world of luxury travel when we manage to get an upgrade on a long-haul flight or find ourselves bumped up to a suite when a hotel’s overbooked its standard rooms. But for the fortunate few with untold millions sloshing around in their bank accounts, it’s a very different story. NMTBP takes a look at how the other half travels……

Submarine for two

Fancy a night in a private submarine? The latest addition to Oliver’s Travels’ property portfolio, Lovers Deep has room for just two guests, looked after by an on-board crew of three (captain, chef and butler). The interior design can be tailored to your taste, as can the location. Yours for around £175,000 a night (not including airfare!)

Safari seclusion

When you go on safari to Ol Jogi in Kenya you get the whole 58,000-acre estate to yourself, complete with resident staff and a main house and cottages (sleeping up to 14) filled with artworks. There’s no shortage of facilities (spa, pool, tennis courts, etc.), but the natural world is the big thing here: the estate has a conservation education program, wildlife rescue centre, and a team to organize game drives, nature walks and horseback safaris. Exclusive use costs from £140,000 a week

Ocean class

Why go to the bother of keeping your own superyacht when you can try out a different one every time you fancy a holiday afloat? Edmiston has a suitably swanky selection, with something to suit every occasion, whether you want to host a lavish party for friends, hang out at the Cannes Film Festival or Monaco Grand Prix, or do a bit of diving. Cost? One week’s charter starts from around £135,000

Business-class-only flights

In mid-May, Qatar Airways will launch an all-business-class service between London and Doha. The Airbus A319 will seat just 40 passengers, all in wide seats that recline into fully flat beds. The on-board entertainment system will deliver a choice of 900-plus movies, TV programs, video games and music channels, and passengers will also be able to take advantage of the new Qatar Airways premium lounge in Terminal 4 and the Premium Terminal in Doha. Return fares going out on the first flight on May 15 and coming back seven days later start from around £3,500

Rent an island

The mega rich who haven’t yet bought their own private island can do the next best thing and simply hire one. One of the most desirable has to be the lush and lovely Laucala Island in Fiji. Take over all 25 villas dotted around the island and you can have this tropical piece of paradise to yourself for £90,000 a night. Alternatively, if you don’t mind sharing, Scott Dunn has seven-night packages from around £15,000 a person, including international flights and private plane transfers

Hire a whole hotel

High-rollers can book out all 49 suites at Cap Maison, a boutique resort on the northern tip of St Lucia in the Caribbean. You can enjoy the cliff-top restaurant, the hotel’s luxury yacht, and the prime sunset-viewing spot at Rock Maison - a secluded wooden deck, almost surrounded by waves, with a champagne zip wire that delivers drinks from the bar above. Exclusive hire of the hotel costs from around £15,000 a day


Ampersand Travel has just launched a new year-long package, with every night spent in the comfort of an Aman Resort. There are 31 of them, spread over 19 countries on four continents and set in a mix of coastal, mountain and city locations. How long you spend in each is up to you - but each time you move on, your personal preferences will be passed on from one general manager to the next, so wherever you are, everything will be exactly as you like it. Cost? Around £200,000 a person

Heathrow VIP

Premium-class passengers at Heathrow can bypass all the hassle of air travel by signing up for the Heathrow VIP treatment. For a fee of £1,800  (which covers up to six people), they’re taken to their own private lounge for check-in, escorted through a private security area, then chauffeured out to board the plane, where they’re handed over to the pampering care of the flight crew

Rail luxury

Never mind forking out for a first class train seat - the truly blessed can shell out for a whole carriage to themselves. Train Chartering has private rail cars for hire around the world, including several vintage numbers in the U.S. You could, for example, book Georgia 300 - a 1930s carriage with three bedrooms, two showers, dining room and observation room - and hook it up to an Amtrak train, as Barack Obama did for a campaigning whistle-stop tour. Cost? From around £60,000 for 10 days for up to six passengers

Exclusive expeditions

This year, the air charter specialist Chapman Freeborn has joined forces with EYOS Expeditions (designers of super-yacht itineraries) to offer a series of trips to destinations such as Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, the Antarctic and a crossing of the Northwest Passage. Wealthy explorers keen to set sail on a private 10-night Svalbard expedition in late spring/early summer can expect to pay from £225,000 for 12 people

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