Magnificent 7……mobile travel apps

It’s no surprise that everything is going mobile these days and for a traveller, that’s super convenient. NMTBP’s Magnificent 7 apps that are well worth a download!


One of the worst things about arriving at hotels, especially at odd hours, is having to wait in the lobby for an unknown amount of time. With CheckMate, you can check-in directly from your smartphone. The app allows you to pick your room preferences, enter your arrival time in advance and if you’re staying at one of their partner hotels, you receive a room key printed ahead of time. Just like you would pre-check in for a flight, CheckMate allows you to do the same for your hotel


Speaking of hotels, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a trip and TripIt helps you make sense of it all. You can either forward all of your travel confirmations (flights, hotels, train tickets, etc.) to TripIt or you can use their auto import feature. If you opt for the latter, TripIt scans your email for confirmations and creates an itinerary for you, putting all your information in one place. This definitely beats printing everything out or fumbling through a stack of paper at the airport check-in desk


Waze has been getting a lot of attention lately but it’s all well-deserved. Proving some stiff competition to GoogleMaps (Just kidding - Google already bought the app for a cool $1.3 billion), the app shows you the quickest way to reach your destination. If you’re traveling to a city you’ve never been to before, this sort of insight is invaluable. Perhaps the coolest feature is that the community is there to help. Users gain points for reporting road blocks, police traps and other driving conditions that may affect the effectiveness of the route. If you’re visiting just one city, this is probably not necessary but definitely download it before a road trip


Even if you’re a fan of Lonely Planet, Fodor’s and the like, Triposo will quickly become your go-to app for on-the-go travel recommendations. Unlike traditional guidebooks, Triposo takes location, weather, season and personal preferences into account. Like most apps out there, the more active you are on Triposo, the more accurate these suggestions will become. Their inventory reaches 15,000 destinations across 200 countries and more will be added soon. Whether searching for an art gallery or on the hunt for a local bar that serves your favourite wine, Triposo is a great tool to use while on the road


Similar to WhatsApp, Viber allows users to call and text other Viber users for free. It’s important to note that you must be connected to Wi-Fi or have your data service activated. Once you download Viber and enter your phone number, it can access your address book to display who of your contacts is already set up with the app. There’s an option to include a photo like you would on other social networks and it makes searching through names a lot easier

Find My Itin

If you’re a traveller that specifically wanders off the beaten path, Find My Itin allows you to breeze through the planning process by using hashtags like #inspiration to discover your next destination. If you use hashtags for your social platforms this integration is extremely intuitive. The goal of the app is to alleviate the stress that often comes with booking flights, hotels and everything in between. Also technically not an app just yet (it’s in beta mode), you’ll love Find My Itin because it makes your passion the priority, and at the end of the day, that’s the most important factor


Even though travel is all about disconnecting from your day to day responsibilities and experiencing some place new (or at least it should be), that doesn’t mean that you should completely cut ties with your friends and family back home. Cloze is kind of like a dream come true when you have limited time to sort through all your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even emails. In a nutshell, the app lumps all these into one stream and prioritizes them based on which contacts you speak with most often and in many cases that will be your significant other, parents and other family members or best friend

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