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Glastonbury kicks off next week, kick-starting the festival season. And while you may be thinking more about the bands you’re planning to see this summer there are other things you’ll need to consider

Being dry and in contact with your friends and family at a festival are the two most important things before you can enjoy yourself. Getting lost with a dead phone in the rain is no fun. But, fear not, because there’s salvation in the form of gadgets that mean your phone can last three full days and tech that keeps you and your camera dry and can even help you track your tent

If you thought a head torch was the last word in outdoor tech, think again - here’s NMTBP’s pick of the must-have festival tech and gadgets:

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro

A 6,000mAh battery pack which is splash proof, rugged and works with all smartphones and even tablets and Kindles. That’s a battery that is almost three times the size of the biggest smartphone battery, meaning loads of  life once you’ve charged the Juice Pack over night. Simply charge at home and enjoy charging your smartphone a few times from your bag or tent. Practically anything with a USB lead can connect and charge. It might be an expensive option but if your smartphone doesn’t have a removable battery, this is a great solution and miles better than the cheap AA battery powered gadgets on sale at festivals

Price: £79 - check for stockists with Bing

Rohan Drylocker 60

Rohan is known for its waterproof jackets but this 60 litre bag is perfectly suited for festival trips. At one end of the bag there’s an air lock which means you can squeeze the air out of, so you can pack more gear (or beer cans) inside

The bag is waterproof even down to the zip so you can strap it on top of a car if you’re traveling to Glastonbury with a few friends and run out of space and not worry that all your ‘witty’ t-shirts will be soggy when you come to wear them

Price: £120 - check for stockists with Bing

Nike+ Sportswatch GPS

Get the Nike+ Sensor and you can track your distance via GPS and the watch counts your steps too. When you get home, you can upload your progress to see you route and elevation around the festival site and just how quickly you managed to move after a few beers when the headliner finally came on stage

Designed for fitness, but interesting as a festival companion to see just how much energy you use between burgers

Price: £129 - check for stockists with Bing

Tent Finder

Ever spent ages looking at near identical green Millets pop up tents like a puzzled ape, pointing and peering into the darkness after a drink? The Tent Finder is a dome light that sits in your tent. When you return, you flick the remote and it lights up like a homing beacon - there’s 23 LED lights that give a substantial glow and turn your military green tent lime green for a few seconds

The catch? You’ll need to be within 50 metres of your tent but it could still save you valuable sleeping time…

Price: £19.99 - check for stockists with Bing

Eurohike Handy Lantern

An old fashioned lamp which uses LED lights for bright in tent illumination. You can carry it around as a torch outside the tent or hang it from the inside too. Available in green or orange, it’s not glamorous but one of the most essential things that festival goers forget. The best bit? You’ll have enough change from a tenner to buy some dodgy chips

Price: £8 - check for stockists with Bing

Collapsible kettle

This is a genuinely collapsible kettle that has a steel base and a silicone body so folds down flat. You’ll just need the portable stove but for those that value a morning cuppa and don’t want a 20 minute stroll to the cafe for weak tea, this is just the ticket for Earl Grey in your sleeping bag

It could also win you all kinds of new friends who will go and get water

Price: £29.99 - check for stockists with Bing

Festival mini portable stove

This min Portable Gas Cooker is lightweight, robust and very stable, a very useful cooker for any festival. It uses standard 220g gas canisters, which slot in and lock in place very simply to get you cooking in no time. It uses an automatic Piezo ignition system, so you won’t have to fiddle around with matches or a lighter

Price: £9.99 - buy it here

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June 20, 2013

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