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Hi-Tec Footwear, a Great Choice for the Adventurous Traveler

We just discovered a fabulous walking, hiking and athletic shoe line with a bit of a techie name; in fact tech is in the name: Hi-Tec Footwear. There are so many things to love about their selection of shoes, whether it be a trainer shoe, a super comfy walking shoe or more of a hiking boot. They even have great sandals for hiking as well. While they offer shoes for both men and women, we only reviewed the men’s line this time around and given their tough exterior and more masculine colors, we think it’s a fabulous choice for male adventurous travelers. First up is the Walk-Lite Witton walking shoe. We chose this one because it’s not just an incredibly…

Relaxation in the Heart of Hong Kong?

It was nearly 9 p.m. by the time I checked into my charming but un-noteworthy Hong Kong hotel. This was both fitting—Hong Kong is at its most colorful by night and I’d returned there, among other reasons, to take the most colorful photos possible—and frustrating: I’d just gotten off a 17-hour flight which, coupled with a 13-hour time change, left me feeling as haggard as I probably looked. Those circles are as dark as the night sky, I cringed as I looked at my face in the bathroom’s magnifying mirror. And this definitely isn’t helping your case. I pulled a long, white hair out of my scalp, then grabbed my backpack and made my way out the door, then down the elevator and into the sea of neon…

Why I haven’t been blogging much

A cautionary tale, with a happy ending. About two years ago I started getting shooting pains down my left leg. I went to the doctor about it and they said it was sciatica. Although the pain was in my leg, it was actually a result of nerves in my s

Sunday links: intellectually curious

Book notes: The 19th century was rife with financial conspiracies. According to Janet Tavakoli, William Worthington Fowler’s Twenty Years of Inside Life

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Taking in Luxury, Food & Fun in Aruba

It’s not everyday that you get to jet-set to the Caribbean, so why not make the most of it?! Aruba is a smart choice flight-wise, as there are many direct flights from New York City and other hubs. Oh, how I miss those direct east coast flights! Regardless of what time of year you visit, you’re sure to have a fabulous time. Aruba is nicknamed “One Happy Island” and my guess is that you’ll be one happy traveler while you’re there. Here are 5 ways to experience the stylish side of Aruba.

1) Follow the Flamingos

Before heading to the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino where I’d meet the rest of my group, I spent a night at the Renaissance. Also a Marriott…

Cruise Your Way Through the Sea of Cortez

I looked up at the twinkling Milky Way and soaked it all in. I was on a remote beach surrounded by limestone cliffs and a glowing bon fire. Waves gently crashed on shore providing a rhythm to my thoughts. The smell of mesquite wafted through the air as I contemplated my tiny little life engulfed in the giant Milky Way.

Cruising is gaining popularity every year as people take off on behemoth ships through seas and rivers with thousands of people, activities, and calories. There’s a rigid itinerary and little room for your own personal exploration. And I want absolutely nothing to do with that type of cruising. There’s a new option to cruising where less is more.