Scam alert – Skype users beware!

Just what the world needs — another scam aimed at the unsuspecting computer user! This is the latest scam found on the internet and regular phone service

Many Skype users are getting a rather disturbing call. It indicates that there is a problem with your computer and you should visit a site to repair your service. This is a complete scam.

Listen to the message here and find instructions on what to do if you get it. Note that there is a very similar scam using regular phone service as well!

Have a look and listen

You may be seeing the call as:

– System Notice – Urgent Online repair

– repair.ssp.service.18repair.online.pcsg1

– repair.lqq.system.6

or many other variations. THEY ARE ALL SCAMS

What makes this dangerous is the caller repeatedly keeps asking you to go to a website called soshos.com to purchase a service by the name of ‘Computer Protection and Repair Service Package’., where you are asked for your credit card information supposedly to purchase a computer repair service that will repair the ‘errors’

How can you protect yourself from receiving unsolicited messages or calls via Skype?

Skype has many features that can help you avoid receiving unwanted solicitations or calls as shown here. You may set Skype to allow only those persons in your contacts list to contact you by going to ‘Options’ on Skype. To do this, simply go to the ‘Tools’ menu on Skype, select ‘Options’, select the ‘Privacy’ tab, under where it says ‘Allow calls from…’, select ‘people in my Contact list only’ and then click ‘Save’. You may also choose ‘people in my Contact list only’ for receiving video and IMs


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