Magnificent 7 websites for ……women’s shoes

Slipping into sensible shoes once a lady reaches a certain age is not mandatory these days. Almost three quarters of women over 50 are still happily wearing high heels, a survey has found. No doubt fabulous over-50s such as Helen Mirren, 66, and Jane Fonda, 73, both fond of a high heel, and the popularity of shows such as Sex And The City, which featured shoe-worship as a female obsession, have helped maintain the popularity of high heels among older women

According to the survey, ladies over 50 are careful to avoid the very highest stilettos. The most popular type, worn by 73 per cent of those polled, is the comfortable court shoe, followed by kitten heels worn by 30 per cent. Just ten per cent of older women brave stilettos and a mere two per cent dare to wear those 5in- plus super-high heels

But like any high-heel wearers, older women need to give their feet the occasional rest and slip into some ballet pumps or flat boots. And then there’s the shoes you need for all those outdoor adventures….

Regardless of style, do you have the time to keep up with the latest trends and to actually shop for them — especially if you live in a small town that is short on decent shoe shops. So, how about turning to the web for your footwear needs?

Here’s NMTBP’s ‘magnificent seven’ sites for women’s shoes of all kinds

Claiming to be the UK’s largest online fashion and beauty store, Asos launched in 2000 and has won numerous awards, including Retail Week Online Retailer of the Year in 2007 and 2008. It offers women’s and men’s clothing and footwear – high street, designer and independent – as well as beauty products. Click the Asos Red section for up to 70% off designer brands. ‘My students love the Asos site,’ says Josie Misick, lecturer in fashion buying at Westminster University. ‘There’s fast delivery, and the products are good and fit well every time’

‘A Great British Company’, does what it says on the tin – sells shoes by the barrowload. They may not represent the highest of high fashion, but there’s always stylish bargains to be had, particularly at sale times


Selling many of the newest styles from Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen, Franklin Elman, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, and dozens more, a visit to is essential for fans of designer shoes. Prices may seem ourageous (they are!) but use the ‘sort by price’ icon, click on ‘low’, and you’re through the door into a wondrous land of affordable boutique designers that it would take a week of trudging around London, New York, Paris and Milan to find

Viva La Diva

OK so they may be most famous for kitting out  ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star Amy Childs in pink glitter Bordello Teeze Platform Shoes for a Celebs magazine photo shoot, but Viva La Diva upholds ‘a woman’s right to shoes’ for one and all, shoes ranging from 8 inch stilettos to Doc Martens

Cheryl Cole

Well, she’s conquered everything else, so why not shoes, pet?  Cheryl Cole – singer, presenter, best hair in town and now shoe designer and stylist, too – the whole world is talking about Cheryl Cole’s debut shoe collection, available exclusively through Stylistpick

Hotter Shoes

When you need to rest your feet, there’s something comforting about slipping on a pair of shoes from a company that has the confidence to emblazon its name all over the box. ‘Hotter Shoes – Comfort Concept’. This is a company that believes in its product and its slogan – ‘Delivering Happy Feet’


The Teva Innovative Design Elements (T.I.D.E) Lab is a top secret facility located 35 stories underground where their crack team of scientists comes up with revolutionary and life-altering innovations. OK…maybe we exaggerated that a bit. The truth is that Teva shoes are built for any outdoor adventure you may want to live


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  1. Jenny Clayton

    January 13, 2012

    As a woman – as you would expect I opened this item first, hoping for some exciting instant gratification and new fun sites to browse. Sadly I found nothing new or interesting. Us over 50’s are not aspiring to look like Cheryl Cole nor the horrendous other end of the spectrum represented by ‘Hotter’. To have left me
    satisfied you would have needed to have a much more dynamic link with perhaps a fun filled ‘wheel’ or diagram that you opened segments of to reach the sort of shoes that you might enjoy. There would still be room for the ‘nun’ and ‘outdoor’ segments. If this item was compiled by a woman – shame on you; if by a man –

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January 13, 2012

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