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We buy anything and everything on line nowadays, but we seem to be slightly reluctant to but food online. And no, we don’t mean the weekly staples like cereal and baked beans, but specialty foods. But there are now a whole breed of websites offering specialty niche products and many of them feature a ‘selection box’ principle, where you’re not quite sure what you’ll be getting week to week or month to month. here are NMTBP’s Magnificent 7 websites for home delivery food boxes

The Cornish Fishmonger

Every high street had a fishmongers years ago when we were growing up, but try finding one nowadays. Don’t despair. Check out The Cornish Fishmonger, Wing of St. Mawes, which has been providing fresh fish and seafood for over 25 years. The Cornish Fishmonger was amongst the first e-commerce fish retailers to hit the market in 2009. With food provenance now important in the buying process the website makes fish more exciting and accessible to the end consumer

Landed daily in Cornish harbours, the fish is delivered fresh within 24 hours to doorsteps nationwide.  They have a wide variety of fresh fish boxes available, which you can order as one offs or as a regular monthly order. You can also but individual types of fish, though the minimum order is £25 and free delivery only kicks in once you’ve spent £100

Eversfield Organic

Moving for Cornwall to Devon we find a fine selection on emat boxes at Eversfield Organic, an 850 acre organic farm nestling deep in the heart of the Devon countryside on the edge of Dartmoor

The Eversfield Organic team wanted to change the blueprint for the newly expanded estate and set about creating a model organic farm from scratch, complete with plans for a state of the art fully EU licensed cutting plant. This ensured that ´Eversfield quality´ was maintained throughout the process; from farming their organic livestock through to hanging the meat onsite to develop the flavour, then the all important skilled butchery and finally the packaging and shipping of the customer orders

Under the aegis of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme the family began work on a long term program to restore the traditional Devon landscape. The old orchards that are an important feature of all Devon farms have been replanted. Miles of hedgerow have been re-established; the woods have been cleared of their scrubby undergrowth; 30,000 new trees have been planted, and the Culm grasslands and lowland hay meadows have been returned to their natural state, maintained with a strict grazing regime. Gradually, the old, depleted rye grass pastures have been ploughed in – with a little help from the Eversfield pigs! – and reseeded with traditional herb rich leys. Full organic status from the Soil Association was achieved in 2004

Lamb, beef and pork are all organic and there’s also wild venison and wild game, which can’t be certifies organic as the diet of the animals isn’t controlled

Try one of their monthly meat boxes

Abel & Cole

For your veggies, take a look at Abel & Cole. They claim to ‘work directly with the best farmers, butchers, bakers and carrotstick makers in the land. They’re the best in their field. We know exactly how your food is made, how it’s grown and what does, or more importantly doesn’t, go into it’. Their medium veg box contains 8 seasonal vegetables, while the large box has 12. They’re delivered weekly

Abel & Cole don’t stop at vegetables – they also offer meat, fish, fruit and dairy as well as store cupboard goodies


For cheese, look no further than the delightfully named Pong, which sells a full range of cheeses delivered to your door. There’s a variety of boxes available, including monthly Selection Boards and a whole vraiey of delicious gift boxes. The piece de resistance is The Ultimate Pong Box, an olfactory and gustatory wallop! The current contents of this fabulous selection are Epoisses de Bourgogne, Munster, Oxford Blue and Finn. The cheeses are dispatched in a sturdy box, securely nestled within shredded paper, with a small coolpack to keep them cool but not too cold

Tea Horse

Fancy a cup of char? A great way to discover more about the nation’s favourite beverage comes from Tea Horse. With over 1,500 producers in 40 countries across the world, tea can be a complex and somewhat daunting subject

However, for £11.95 a month you can take delivery of a carefully curated selection of four different loose-leaf teas and a pack of very clever hassle-free filters in which to brew them. The delivery comes with information on the teas, the best way to brew and taste, plus the best time to drink and with what

In May, Tea Horse is joining in the fun and rejoicing in all that is British with a Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee inspired month of teas. Featuring two very traditional black tea blends, an exciting blend bespoke perfect for a cocktail or two and a delectably moreish blend inspired by Her Majesty’s favourite childhood sweet. Time for a tea party!

The Good Fork

No delicatessen near you? No problem. Go straight to The Good Fork, a Mediterranean-inspired deli-box scheme which comes chock full of seriously interesting, authentic and ethically sourced ingredients.

Virginia Webb, who has put the operation together, has lived and worked in Italy and France and comes across as someone who really knows her stuff. Included with the box is a well-presented leaflet with recipe suggestions and detailed information about the products enclosed, underpinning her ethos of local and quality sourcing

And so, The Good Fork was born.  For £28.50 you get 7 items (the nine item box costs £35) you get products from suppliers all around the Mediterranean.  Together with ingredients The Good Fork’s deli-boxes will also bring you recipes from France and Italy. the boxes  can be bought on a regular monthly or one-off basis

A typical seven-item box contains: Fregola sarda, a type of pasta balls from Sardinia that we have never seen before, Piquillo peppers from Spain, Sardinade, a sardine spread, Gordal olives with chilli that have just won a gold taste award from the guild of fine food, saffron, harissa and green fig preserve


Like snacking but worried about the health aspect? Graze to the rescue

The concept is mind bogglingly simple. You select from 100 different snacks, choose where you want it delivered, decide how often, set up payment and that’s it. Healthy snacks come straight through your letterbox in recyclable boxes for the amazing price of £3.79 all in

You also get vouchers to give to friends so they can try for free. If they do you get £1 back

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