Walking football

So, England were unsuccessful at Euro 2012 and team GB fell at the quarter final stages of the Olympics in the same old way. You might have enjoyed watching the nation’s team try their utmost to stay in past the quarter finals or you may be looking forward to the start of the new football season, but really, deep down, are you still dying to play?

Well for those of us unwilling or unable to strut our stuff any more on the football fields of England due to injuries and old age, help is at hand!

Walking Football is a new adaptation of the game that has set the hearts of many over 50 alight – all the fun and challenge of the game, without the sliding tackles and bruised shins! BBC recently reported on exactly how mature males are dominating the turf once again BBC News – Walking Football. The sport which is so new that it doesn’t even have an entry in Wikipedia, is reputed to have started ‘up north’ at Bury FC and is now spreading like wildfire. Originally for over 50s, there are now competitions and classes spring up for over 55s, over 50s, women and even a Futsal version indoors

So, if you used to play football but now find the pace a bit too much or if you’ve never had the chance to be involved before, walking football is the perfect introduction to playing football for people aged 50 years and over

All the rules are the same but with one big difference,  you can only walk – no running – no sprinting – just walking. Any infractions are penalised by free kicks

To find out more use Google or take a look at Get in!

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