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Never mind the Bus Pass

‘Must see’ movie : Calvary

Brendan Gleeson gives a performance of monumental soul in John Michael McDonagh’s masterful follow-up to The Guard

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'Must see' movies 2014


How soon before we don’t need the big banks at all?

Our reliance on the high street giants is dwindling. Good news? NMTBP investigates

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What’s behind the surge in vinyl sales?

It’s Record Store Day on Saturday. Go out and buy some vinyl!

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Book of the week : The Strange Death Of Fiona Griffiths – Harry Bingham

Welsh Detective Constable Fiona Griffiths is not your usual copper

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Books of the week 2014


How to live longer by gaining muscle

Want to learn how muscle makes you live longer, why you may not need cardio, and how to maximise your muscle gain? Read on

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Album of the week : Ebb & Flow – Judith Owen

Her role as an unflinching singer-songwriter baring her soul remains at the core of Owen’s creativity

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Albums of the week 2014


Britain’s debt hotspots revealed

The postcodes where residents owe the most and least money

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Got knee arthritis? Drink milk

Strange but true, milk may slow the progression of knee arthritis in women. But hold the cheese

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