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Open Roads: Champ Returns to World’s Most Feared Downhill Ski Race

The Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel, Austria, is recognized as the world’s most difficult and feared downhill ski race. Skiers are pushed to their physical and mental limits as they kick out of the starting gate and instantly accelerate to 60 mph before launching over 100 feet through the air. The ‘Streif’ is relentless from start to&#

The Basic Big Friendly Mobile Phone with SOS By Fonerange

The Basic Big Button Mobile the best big button phone where in the era of social media ruling and widescreen handsets all over, its good to see a handset with the traditional usability and all away from the modern phones and a lot helpful for the senio

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Confessions of an Adventure Guide

“Precious” emerges from the whitewater like a newborn child escaping from the womb, eyes closed and arms flailing, in a frantic and futile attempt to escape from the rushing creek that is not too far above the temperature of the snow that feeds it.  Her eyes are as wide as the moon as she slowly&#

The Jolla Handset & Sailfish OS, A Linux Smartphone With Promise

A few weeks after receiving Jolla’s first handset (called, er, the Jolla), I’ve posted an in-depth review of the Linux powered smartphone over on Forbes. All of that said, the Jolla handset has me excited. I’ve been following the project for some

The Annual Crescent City BBQ Blues Festival

The eight annual Crescent City BBQ Blues Festival was held on October 18 – 20, 2013 at Lafayette Square in the CBD in New Orleans. It was my first one but it will become an annual event for me. There were a mix of New Orleans blues bands and thos

Trends from CES

With the doors closing on CES today it seems fitting to take a look back at the hottest trends of the show and highlight some of my favourite tech pieces. Wearable technology has been a dominating trend at CES this year, especially in the fitness arena. A host of bands, watches and detachable gadgetry were [&#

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Your Gmail Is About to Get Royally Spammed… By Google

Yesterday Google announced that any Gmail Plus user would now be able to send an email to any other Gmail Plus user, even if you've never given them your email address. And it's an opt-out setting, which means you have to take action if you don't want to receive them (vs. opt-in, which would mean [&#

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Why we need the triple lock

In a surprise announcement at the start of 2014 David Cameron, the Prime Minister, said that maintaining the ‘triple lock’ for the basic state pension will be a key part of the Conservative’s next election manifesto. This would mean that, &#

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