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Sous Vide Makes Its Way To The Home Kitchen

This cooking method — a strange mix of the precise and the forgiving — means never having to worry about rubbery, overcooked meats. But mind your eyebrows while you're holding the blowtorch

Awareness Check: Is Rhino Poaching Funding Terrorism?

  Something 50 million years in the making is on track to be wiped out in a matter of a few decades. The rhinoceros — essentially the world’s last dinosaur — is being relentlessly hunted and slaughtered for its horn. Comprised of keratin, j

Tuesday links: unbundling risk and return

Quote of the day Carl Richards, “We can’t unbundle risk and return, but I keep seeing people giving it their best shot.”  (Bucks Blog) Chart […]

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10 Ways to Own Less

You may own your stuff, but it owns you right back. It owns your money, your time, your attention, and space in your home. I dress with 33 items or less and have lived with fewer than 100 personal items, but don’t believe owning less than a specific number of things will make you happier [&#

Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Andrew Pierce v Owen Jones

Two MediaGuido Twitter bitch fight regulars are reaching for their saucers of milk this afternoon. Andrew Pierce and Owen Jones have fallen out again, this time over Nigel Evans. Andrew Pierce accuses Owen Jones of lying. Who to believe? . @OwenJones84 You told me Nigel Evans was in big trouble and was going down. Have you […]

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Technology in the Classroom

For years, the black board was the main tool used by a teacher to conduct a lesson. However, schools are increasingly adapting to the modern technology now on offer, which is opening up lots of new avenues of learning for students. Technology is also h

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Oatmeal Cookie Dough Dip

My mornings used to look like this: Drag myself out of bed before sunrise, grab a quick snack while lacing up my sneakers, then rush out the door—rain or sun or snow—to run 7 or 8 miles. My mornings now look like this: Wake up and lazily contemplate getting out of bed for a while [&#

Recycled Paper Replicas of Iconic Warsaw Buildings by Zupagrafika

Blok Wschodni /Eastern Block is a collection of paper cut-out models representing various modernist buildings in Warsaw, Poland. The series has been created by Hispano-Polish graphic design studio Zupagrafika… and is made up of iconic examples of functional architecture in the Polish capital (Rotunda PKO), some less classic buildings, however, familiar to the city dwellers (Za Zelazna Brama district, Smolna

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